Vegan Ranch Dressing

vegan ranch dressing

This vegan ranch dressing can be made quickly and used as a chip dip, veggie dip, vegan chicken nugget dip, etc. Goes great on salads, too! I love using this … Read More

Seitan Sausage

These seitan sausages are quick to make and nice to add to dishes like my Brussels sprout soup or vegan mac and cheese.

How To Make Aquafaba

A whisk with whipped aquafaba made from scratch using soy beans.

Wondering how to make aquafaba at home so you don’t need to keep opening up your cans of chickpeas? In this post I’ll show you just how easy it is … Read More


aquafaba in a liquid state

Aquafaba is an egg replacer. But what is it? Where does it come from? And why is everyone talking about it? If you’ve checked out any of my vegan baking … Read More