How To Make Hummus

Learning how to make hummus at home is easy and the final result is so delicious that you’ll never want to buy packaged hummus ever again! The trick to making good hummus is using canned chickpeas, and boiling them just before you make them into hummus. Also, to make the best hummus you must use … Read more

Coconut Bacon

This tasty vegan bacon uses a clever blend of coconut flakes, soy sauce, maple syrup, and liquid smoke to create that signature bacon-y flavor & crunch. The secret to making the best coconut bacon is using larger coconut flakes – not the thin shreds that are often used in bacon. They’re often labeled as “coconut … Read more


These vegetable pakora make a tasty side dish to many Indian dishes. Once you see how quick and easy they are to make, you’ll never want to have curry without them again! Pakora (or pakoda) are little dumplings that are typically made of vegetables, a light batter, and of course spices. I usually make them … Read more

Vegan Tofu Recipes – 100+ Tofu Recipes To Try In 2020

Vegan? Check. Tofu? Check. Delicious? Check!! If you’re wondering what to do with that tofu you bought, you might wanna “check” out this list of over one hundred vegan tofu recipes! What is tofu? Tofu is made in a similar way that cheese is. Soy milk is coagulated with an acid, such as lemon juice, … Read more

Zingy, Uncheesy Jalapeño Popper Dip – Dairy Free & Vegan (Make Ahead Recipe)

If you’re wondering what vegan party snack goes with ritz crackers, cut carrots, celery, jicama, pretzels… try this zingy jalapeño dip! This is actually a great dish to make the day before you plan to eat it. We noticed that while it was tasty enough on the first day, after leaving the uneaten half of … Read more