Victorian Chickpea Soup (Vegan)

This vegan chickpea soup uses dry or canned chickpeas (garbanzo beans), cabbage, tomato, and garlic. But don’t be fooled – this soup, simple though it be, is rich in flavor and sure to become as instantly a classic in your home as it has in ours. For the past few months I’ve been, like most … Read more

Instant Pot Vegan Wild Rice Soup

Enjoy a delicious bowl (or two) of this creamy, hearty Vegan Wild Rice Soup that’s loaded with vitamins to keep you warm and healthy even through the coldest Minnesota winters. In Minnesota you are never far away from a bowl of delicious wild rice soup. We ate wild rice soup and other dishes made with … Read more

Southwest Ranch Dressing (Vegan)

Southwest Ranch Dressing vegan

This dairy-free southwest ranch dressing tastes so good you’ll want to eat it straight off the spoon! It’s great in salads, over rice bowls & buddha bowls, and makes a fantastic veggie dip. I developed this dressing specifically for my southwest vegan quinoa salad. It’s the yummiest sauce ever that’ll make you think of creamy … Read more

Smoothie Bowls – Peaches & Cream

This vegan smoothie bowl replaces the whipped cream with coconut cream, for a richly tasty breakfast that’s surprisingly healthy. Best of all, this easy smoothie bowl can be made with pantry ingredients like canned peaches and frozen berries. Smoothie bowls are one of my favorite breakfasts for summertime. They’re chilly, packed with nutrition, and I … Read more

Blueberry Smoothie Bowls

These blueberry oatmeal smoothie bowls will make you feel like you’re eating a nice dessert for breakfast, although they are actually made with only nutritious, plant-based ingredients – and no added sugar. Blueberries are great – they taste great, and they’re also one of the most antioxidant-rich fruits you can eat. And they make a … Read more

Strawberry Muffins w/ Streusel Topping (Vegan)

These are the yummiest strawberry muffins ever – light & fluffy inside with a satisfying crumbly streusel top! No one will ever guess they’re vegan, too! My kids were asking me to make strawberry muffins for weeks, ever since I had promised to make muffins for every weekend. So far I’ve made blueberry muffins, lemon … Read more