Instant Pot Vegan Wild Rice Soup

Enjoy a delicious bowl (or two) of this creamy, hearty Vegan Wild Rice Soup that’s loaded with vitamins to keep you warm and healthy even through the coldest Minnesota winters. In Minnesota you are never far away from a bowl of delicious wild rice soup. We ate wild rice soup and other dishes made with … Read more

Lentil Soup with Roasted Red Peppers & Harissa (vegan)

Lentil Soup

This satisfying vegan lentil soup is quickly made in the Instant Pot. Broiling the red peppers beforehand brings out extra flavor. Many people believe that being a vegan means going broke trying to buy food. But that’s actually just a myth. Many vegan foods, including this lentil soup, are inexpensive, nutritious, and can serve many … Read more

Budget-Friendly Vegan Minestrone Soup

Minestrone Soup Recipe

This healthy vegan Minestrone Soup can be easily thrown together using leftover veggies, rice, and pantry staples such as pasta frozen vegetables. We save our scraps throughout the week to make this budget-friendly dinner. This minestrone soup is vegan, easy, healthy, and best of all, delicious! Even my kids loved it. I think there’s something … Read more

Vegan Irish Stew

This vegan Irish stew is just the right St. Patrick’s day dinner for your plant-based family. It’s made with Guinness and uses deliciously cooked seitan instead of beef or lamb meat. Irish stew is one of the quintessential Irish foods. So, what makes an Irish stew Irish? Traditionally, it has been made with lamb or … Read more

Brussel Sprout Soup with Seitan Sausage (Vegan) Easy Instant Pot Recipe

This Brussels sprout soup is the easiest healthy vegan soup ever. It tastes delicious, with a simple clear broth made from root veggies and herbs. Tastes like it was simmering for hours, but cooks up in just 10 minutes! Do you ever buy ingredients at the store because they just look so good, but then … Read more

Carrot Soup In The Instant Pot – Vegan Recipe

This carrot soup is completely vegan and includes fre garlic, and savory herbs. It balances perfectly with rich cashew cream to create a satisfying and warming soup for those chilly winter days. In France, the classic carrot soup is called Potage de Crécy. While the traditional version is not too hard to make, I decided … Read more