30+ Yummy Recipes For Vegan Thanksgiving – Sides, Mains & Desserts

Do you want to have a vegan Thanksgiving this year? Right on! In this post, I’ve gathered up tons of traditional yet vegan Thanksgiving sides and desserts you can consider. I hope you enjoy your holiday and I’d like to thank YOU for being plant-based! Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts 1 Vegan Apple Pie The perfect vegan … Read more

Vegetable Roast with Gravy (Vegan)

In this post I’ll share my family’s favorite vegan dinners – vegetable roast with gravy. This vegan roast is loaded with the best vegetables to roast – potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, and onions – a perfect all-in-one sheet pan dinner. What I love about this beautiful rainbow Vegetable Roast is that it’s a dinner of … Read more

Sima – Finnish May Day Mead

Sima is a traditional soft drink that’s typically consumed as a part of May Day (Vappu) celebrations. The process of making similar to mead, and the result is a pleasant, slightly citrus-y soda with natural fizz. Did you know you can make soda at home, without having to buy an expensive soda-making machine or co2 … Read more

Vegan Shamrock Shake Copycat Recipe

Wishing you could have a vegan shamrock shake? This copycat recipe uses simple ingredients for a delicious frosty green treat! While they may not be a traditional St. Patrick’s day food by any means, I can tell you that these copycat shamrock shakes are worth making anyway. Who can say no to yummy mint ice … Read more

Vegan Irish Stew

This vegan Irish stew is just the right St. Patrick’s day dinner for your plant-based family. It’s made with Guinness and uses deliciously cooked seitan instead of beef or lamb meat. Irish stew is one of the quintessential Irish foods. So, what makes an Irish stew Irish? Traditionally, it has been made with lamb or … Read more