Broccoli salad is perfect for packing in lunches, or bringing to potlucks. Instead of mayo, I used almond butter to make a creamy & tangy dressing for this vegan broccoli salad. You can substitute SunButter (sunflower seed butter) to make it nut-free.

I also added one of my favorite vegan recipes, coconut bacon! It adds the salty, crunchy, smoky flavors that made my favorite deli broccoli salad so delicious.

Optionally, you can add some vegan shredded cheddar if you have it. I used Daiya cheddar-style shreds in this recipe.

Chop the broccoli heads.
Dressing for the mayo-free broccoli salad. It’s made with almond butter, vinegar, maple syrup, salt & pepper!
Put the chopped fresh broccoli, coconut bacon bits, diced onion, sunflower seeds, currants (or raisins), and optional vegan cheddar shreds in a big bowl.
Then pour on that yummy dressing!
Your broccoli salad is ready to eat!
It’s great for a light lunch that’s packed with vitamins and very satisfying.
Vegan broccoli salad without mayonnaise is healthy and even my kids enjoyed it!

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